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How Do You Track ALL Of Your Reviews Across ALL Of The Websites and Social Media?

Online reviews and managing your reputation has become very labor intensive. New websites and repositories are popping up all over the internet, monetizing their consumer traffic by offering new places to leave reviews for businesses. And the number is constantly growing. Your business probably has reviews on websites that you’ve never even heard of. And you don’t have the time and resources to scour the internet every day to find out what’s happening with your reputation. And yet, it [...]


Don’t Gamble With Your Business Reputation! Get Your Reviews Under Control NOW

You May Be Gambling With Your Livelihood If You Don’t Take Your Reviews Seriously    In this new age of review driven consumer behavior, your reviews ratings are your business credit score. There are now more review websites than ever before. And the number is growing all the time. Tracking and managing all of your reviews has become a daunting task, yet this is the most important aspect of your reputation and image. Lower review averages cost you customers—and destroy your rankings in the search [...]