Your Online Reviews Could be costing you a fortune--or slowly killing your business!

If your review averages are below a 4.0 minimum average rating YOU ARE BLEEDING REVENUE!  54% of consumers will not patronize a local business with a less than 4.0 or higher rating. If you have NO REVIEWS the result can be just as damaging.  ACT NOW–TIME IS MONEY ON THIS PROBLEM!

Customer Support

Review Control™ is much more than a comprehensive set of tools. Our experienced staff knows the ``ins and outs`` of addressing bad and fake reviews

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Grow your business with higher search rankings with more reviews, an increase in positive reviews, and a better overall score

Ongoing Growth

Review Control™ is constantly evolving, adding new state-of-the-art services and more REAL integration with the review sites that matter most to your business

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Review Control™ pricing is the best value in the review management space. True API access for review management, plus the support you need

Review Management Is Now At A Higher Level!

Not just the very best system and tools available, we provide full interactive client support and help address bad, fake and malicious reviews. We take care of ongoing industry research and best practices for you as well. No “set it and forget it” here!

Far more than a monitoring service or a random ‘scraper’ platform, our state-of-the-art review management evolves from hard API access to the most important review sites for your industry.

The most comprehensive management center ever built, with features other companies just can’t provide. Monitoring, responding, full mobile responsive access, display options, intelligence, analytics and reporting are the most robust and cutting edge to make your review management easy and powerful with NO DOWN TIME, and direct online and phone support.

Compare Review Control™ to anything else out there, and you’ll immediately see the difference!

Review Control News

The TRUTH About Removing Fake vs. Negative Reviews DON’T BE MISLEAD!

The TRUTH About Removing Bad and Fake Reviews From Your Record Review management has become a very important topic for businesses of all types and sizes. Consumer reviews are the primary component of your online reputation. Managing this reputation is more important than ever. Whenever there is a demand for a solution, as there is now for review management, a lot of misinformation and defective products always seem to follow. If you are concerned about your reviews rankings and reputation and are [...]


Your Reviews Are Your Business ‘Credit Score’

Everyone is talking about their CREDIT SCORE these days. Managing your personal credit score (and protecting your information from theft) are on the mind of pretty much every consumer. And yet, business owners don’t realize the devastating effect even a slight dip in their reviews ratings and online reputation can have on their bottom line. And although many business owners are aware of their reviews, and even make an attempt to manage them by responding to their reviews, there are [...]


Do You Know Where ALL Of Your Reviews Are Posted? Probably Not-And It’s Getting Worse!

 Do You Even Know Where All Of Your Reviews Are Posted? The prospect of tracking and monitoring all of your reviews, even before you cope with the reality of managing your responses and customer interactions, is becoming more overwhelming than ever. Most business owners may not even be aware of all of the review websites and repositories that exist all over the internet. Many times the information about your business has been scraped and added to these sites without your knowledge. [...]


Why Do Consumers Leave Negative Reviews? You Might Be Surprised!

What Are The Main Reasons Motivating Consumers To Leave Negative Reviews?   Let’s take a few minutes to understand fully the motivations of the consumer whenever they leave a negative review for a business. In this particular survey, consumers were allowed to choose more than one factor: Over 74% of consumers expressed a desire to prevent future customers from having the same poor experience. Over 52% of consumers simply wanted a refund of their purchase. Just over 15% of consumers showed an actual intent to [...]


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