How Do You Track ALL Of Your Reviews Across ALL Of The Websites and Social Media?


Online reviews and managing your reputation has become very labor intensive. New websites and repositories are popping up all over the internet, monetizing their consumer traffic by offering new places to leave reviews for businesses. And the number is constantly growing. Your business probably has reviews on websites that you’ve never even heard of. And you don’t have the time and resources to scour the internet every day to find out what’s happening with your reputation. And yet, it is this very architecture that is critical to your image, reputation and survival of your business. Google Search is now placing more emphasis on reviews (both quantity and quality) than ever before. Therefore a lack of management of your reviews will cost you dearly in the organic search results

Also, reviews on social media are now playing a key role in determining the fate of your business. Negative reviews are no longer a ‘shadow’ issue. Moreover, they are the hidden killer of business and like it or not, all of this needs to be addressed NOW. The longer you wait to get a handle on this, the further behind you will find yourself. Large numbers of positive reviews ADD value to your business, while negative reviews and deficient rankings cost you revenue in real-time as well as slowly devalue your brand and image with consumers.

Let’s face it, every business could use a little help. That’s what Review Control™ is all about.

For a low monthly subscription fee, you will have an incredible set of tools which will allow you to monitor ALL of your reviews in real time, respond to those reviews quickly, and easily request reviews from your customers.

And you’ll have our experienced support team to assist you with a fake or malicious review.

Remember, your review ratings ARE your business credit score. Even a few negative reviews can be extremely costly. And you certainly don’t have time to check all of the review sites every day.

Visit us at and let’s get started managing and improving your ratings and reputation. The future of your business depends on it!