Review Management For Veterinarians & Pet Care

Customer Support

Pet care in many cases is as important to human healthcare to consumers. They sure do love their pets! And with that emotionally driven mentality comes a heightened sensitivity when it comes to a visit to the vet, or the groomers or even boarding and kennels. This space is fraught with negative reviews, and you’ll need our support to help you manage all of your reviews and keep your ratings averages and online reputation healthy and intact. Review Control™ is more than just the best program available, you can depend upon our support and input in addressing a bad or even fake review when one occurs.

Reputation Management

Reputation in the pet health and services space is more critical than ever. Everyone is reading your reviews, like it or not. We suggest that you now become very pro-active in your approach to your online reputation and let Review Control™ give you the tools and support you need. More review sites and repositories are popping up all over the place. And we’re on it! Let’s talk about getting your ratings higher, search visibility better, and adding value to your practice or business.

Search Visibility

All current research points to the need for businesses to increase not just the overall rankings but the quantity of their reviews for better positioning in the search engines. Review management will give you that 1-2 punch of a great online reputation and higher visibility to attract more customers.