Review Management For Personal Health - Spas and Salons

Customer Support

We know that things can become very hectic in the personal health and salon space. Lots of appointments, difficult customers, scheduling and staffing issues. Review management needs to be easy and effective for you, and Review Control™ provides you with the customer service and support that you need to manage your reviews and online reputation effectively.

Reputation Management

The personal care industry is one of the most dependent upon customer reviews and online reputation. Fiercely competitive and always under scrutiny. Your reviews are essentially your “Business Credit Score” and reviews in your industry are VERY important! Now you can easily manage your online reputation and get your reviews under control. If you’re not, then your customers are deciding the fate or your business.

Search Visibility

All current research points to the need for businesses to increase not just the overall rankings but the quantity of their reviews for better positioning in the search engines. Review management will give you that 1-2 punch of a great online reputation and higher visibility to attract more customers.