Review Management For Tourism and Leisure

Customer Support

We know that things can become very hectic during peak season for many tourism businesses as well as local activities and attractions. And people love to read about others who had a great experience. But your time can be limited, and that’s where the full support of Review Control™ will step in and assist you with your review management at every level. And if a bad experience happens, or worse a fake or malicious review, we’ll take you thru the needed steps to address it.

Reputation Management

Reputation in the tourism and leisure activities space is critical to long-term success. Historically consumers are always on the lookout for new and interesting things to do, especially on days off and on vacations. In many cases, particular activities can be quite competitive like fishing charters, rentals, tours. Make sure your reputation is the best it can be!

Search Visibility

All current research points to the need for businesses to increase not just the overall rankings but the quantity of their reviews for better positioning in the search engines. Review management will give you that 1-2 punch of a great online reputation and higher visibility to attract more customers.