Review Management For Service Businesses

Customer Support

Service businesses require a higher level of support due to the nature of in-home servicing. These types of businesses create more negative reviews than any other type of client we handle. You can be assured that we understand fully your review management needs, and will be standing by to assist with any bad, inaccurate or even fake review when one does occur. We are extremely “hands on” when it comes to the reputation of our service industry clients.

Boost Search Rankings

It is now proven that a combination of MORE reviews and a relatively high rating (4.0 or higher) is now a primary consideration in local search on Google and other engines. Also, you may want to refer to our material on the addition of outside review sources being scraped and added to your Google My Business listing. Now more than ever there is an imperative to manage your reviews, and the added benefit of higher search rankings are certainly a great boost for your business growth.

Industry Knowledge

As a division of a major Advertising Agency, Review Control™ was developed after years of wrestling with the impact of reviews on our clients. Anyone can have a bad day, and mistakes can happen. Not everything is as simple as it seems, whether it be plumbing, roofing, floor care, electrical, landscaping and all of the home and business services that keep our country running. You need a system and the support to maximize the benefits of good reviews, while addressing the bad or even fake reviews that are ever-more prevalent on the web.

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