Review Management For Real Estate Rentals and Management

Customer Support

Review Control™ provides our clients with unmatched customer support. Especially in business verticals that attract negative reviews. Even though we know that many ‘bad’ reviews are sour grapes or inaccurate at best, they cause REAL damage to a rental operation or apartment complex. We are standing by to assist with these cases and achieve the best possible outcomes.

Industry Best Monitoring

Review Control™ is much more than a rudimentary service that monitors primary review repositories like Google and Yelp. We are very serious about servicing the real estate rental space and as such, already have a robust system in place which will assist you in managing all of your reviews. More are being added on a regular basis to provide the best overall service of its kind.

Vacation Rentals

We know that the vacation rental business is unique, unlike long-term leasing of apartments or houses. In most destination markets, the competition can be fierce for the vacation revenue, and property reviews are a key element in consumer decision making. Review Control™ will help you maintain the highest average rankings across all known review sites.