Review Management For The Hotel and Hospitality Industry

Customer Support

Review Control™ is more than just the ultimate review management system. We back the product with outstanding personalized customer service for our clients. Assistance is always available for technical questions as well as training, tutorial information and assistance with bad and fake reviews anywhere they occur.

Increased Reviews

You will have multiple channels with which to engage with your guests and insure that they leave that positive review that is so important. SMS Text requests, email request and QR Code linked review request URL are all part of the system. We realize many of the larger hotel chains have specialized survey software, but your public reviews are your online reputation and Review Control™ will allow you to maximize that opportunity.

All-Inclusive Access

Your Review Control™ service allows you to monitor and manage all of your reviews on all of the platforms that mean the most to the hospitality industry. We are always adding new connectivity as more websites are being created and gathering reviews on your business. Ongoing updates are just part of the experience of total review management with our service.