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Angie’s List Favors It’s Own Advertisers, Consumer Group Warns

CBS News-Moneywatch April 30, 2019 The Consumer Federation of America says online rating service Angie’s List gives preferential treatment to businesses that advertise with the site. Angie’s List presents consumers with a list of “top-rated pros” that consist solely of the company’s advertisers, the group says. It’s not the first time Angie’s List has been accused of favoring advertisers — Consumer Reports made a similar claim several years ago.  Angie’s List offers preferential treatment to businesses that advertise with the popular rating service, [...]


How Much Can A Bad Review Cost Your Business? The News Is NOT Good

What Can a Single Bad Review Cost Your Business? Let’s face it, your reviews and online reputation are essentially your business credit score. Many business owners believe that a bad review may not hurt them. Nothing is further from reality. In this new digital age information is posted, shared and transmitted constantly between individuals. What one user can see, their 200 or 300 “friends” also see. A single bad review is proven to drive away 1 potential customer out of every 10. [...]


Your Reviews Are Your Business ‘Credit Score’

Everyone is talking about their CREDIT SCORE these days. Managing your personal credit score (and protecting your information from theft) are on the mind of pretty much every consumer. And yet, business owners don’t realize the devastating effect even a slight dip in their reviews ratings and online reputation can have on their bottom line. And although many business owners are aware of their reviews, and even make an attempt to manage them by responding to their reviews, there are [...]